yeniyim ://

2022.01.23 09:04 ucmayan_ucak yeniyim ://

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2022.01.23 09:04 Pockets7777 Connected my wallet.

And is that all I have to do? I have both STKE and FISH in my wallet, I don’t see any option to actually stake anything?
I must be missing something
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2022.01.23 09:04 Hekatonkheirex [qtile] Switched from dark themes

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2022.01.23 09:04 HJenkinsRSN The Rock Almost Left WWE For MMA Fighting

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2022.01.23 09:04 PuzzleheadedAd304 Why is he different now??

Ive been seeing this guy since October we go on dates, watch movies, talk, and hook up at least 4 times a week. When we have sex a never pulls out and he has seemed careless and not worried about pregnancy We really like each other but are both really busy when We aren’t together everything has been the same since we started talking until about a week ago. He has been way more affectionate in general lately and holding and kissing me more and he has been communicating with me differently when we have sex saying words that are more possessive and saying “im his” or that he loves things and is emotion based, saying things like “i love my P**sy” He also has wanted to be with me and stayed the night almost every night for the last week. Now the most confusing new thing is for The past 3 times he slept with me he has tried to do anal and when he’s tried it didn’t fit inside me but it made him so hard just trying and he was fingering my ass when he was fucking me and i could feel it made him so Hard he was throbbing inside me
I really like him but we have sorta talked about progressing and he slows me down when i mention it. I haven’t bbrought a relationship up in a while since what should i do
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2022.01.23 09:04 troublecro Help me equip my Leo1 right

So i managed to get to the Leo1 last week during top of the tree marathon.
Since it's played as a sniper I mounted:
- vents in mobility slot
- gun rammer
- improved aiming class I (that's IMHO the debatable one here I reckon)
Crew is 4 skill + 70% of fifth. Loader is 70% on firefighting as 5th skill but that was prolly during my muppet days so besides,BIA,REPAIRS,CAMO,SAFE STOWAGE what should I drop it for?

Thnx for all advices
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2022.01.23 09:04 Tall_Rule7874 Dr Dre looks like an Alien

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2022.01.23 09:04 zaqwsx01 Need help finding a game

I don't know if this is the best place to seek help, but I'm looking for a ps1 game, I don't know the name and really don't remember much of it.
I know it's a futuristic game with tank controls and you can choose between two different characters a Man dressed in blue attire (most likely a cop of some sorts) and a Woman dressed in yellow or orange that fights using tonfas. I remember playing this game when I was a kid, but that's really all I can remember of it
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2022.01.23 09:04 BlueTarou Gourmet Race - Kirby | Cover | dance, synth, techno

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2022.01.23 09:04 2dlerLucifrYeetngEv1 |Need answers|

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2022.01.23 09:04 japanidol BLACK IRIS - Head Shot - music video

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2022.01.23 09:04 United_Dark5818 why he be there doe? >; ?

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2022.01.23 09:04 SarwisMan [CANADA] STACK is giving you $5 just for signing up and activating your card. This is a prepaid card. No credit check. 💵

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2022.01.23 09:04 Acp_tonic anime_irl

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2022.01.23 09:04 Last8Exile Adam resting

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2022.01.23 09:04 iGot3m Can someone explain this ? Is Boz really better to use than Barrett?

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2022.01.23 09:04 CarverSindile10 Rerum Trading's Top 5 Stories

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2022.01.23 09:04 Strong_Opportunity_1 TO SCRAP OR NOT TO SCRAP??

Now that I have my perfect layout with Legendary weapons sorted, should I be just scrapping all the other pieces I have? Is there an advantage or disadvantage to this move?
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2022.01.23 09:04 Nearshort the "throw-in-the-pool" technique doesn't seem to work on enna

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2022.01.23 09:04 Consistent-Pace-9687 I… I just wanna send a message…

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2022.01.23 09:04 Faxrijuf Chimpanzee with alopecia(no hair). They are much more muscular than it seems.

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2022.01.23 09:04 EastAccountant4036 Yellowjackets Playlist

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2022.01.23 09:04 NZepplin What was the last movie you watched at the cenimas?

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2022.01.23 09:04 Sum_Kind_Of_Cheese I heard that seeing her every day is making things so much harder and the healing process slower, is that true?

Its been 7 months and im still not over her, iam questioning everything and im so worried that i cant love someone this much, sure it became better but it still hurts and i have to see her every day for 3 more months, do you think it will be better after?
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2022.01.23 09:04 EunikeOfficial Loop Mashup: Ed Sheeran, Blackalicious, Linkin Park & Eminem - Mashup by ChasedByVoices

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