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2022.01.23 08:41 SeverusStjep [Resource] Lady Wachter's Vallaki (Curse of Strahd)

[Resource] Lady Wachter's Vallaki (Curse of Strahd) In Curse of Strahd the players meet the tyrannical Baron Vargas Vallakovich (and his family) who terrorizes the people of Vallaki by forcing them to appear joyful and content all the time. It is fair to say that in most adventures the adventurers will either irrevocably dispose of the Burgomaster or enact some other dreadful end to his rulership. Lady Fiona Wachter then becomes a promising candidate for the burgomistress. The following resource is meant to give them DM a guideline for how to continue the adventure if Lady Wachter should manage to take power in the city of Vallaki.
Overview After taking power in Vallaki, Lady Wachter begins to transform this village blighted by the insanity of Baron Vargas, into a city worthy of Strahd's praise. She is well aware that her newfound power stands on unsteady ground and, in order to maintain and nurture it, she must show the people what she people what she is capable of.
In the immediate aftermath of whatever led to Baron Vargas' fall, Lady Wachter immediately removes anything and everything that reminds people of the former Burgomaster and his family. In addition to that, the intends to smother any faith in the Morninglord that might have taken root in this town. Though she isn't quite bold enough to destroy St. Andral's church, she seeks infernal help to dissuade people from associating with Father Petrovich, this charlatan of a false god. Strahd is the only entity that deserves the faith of the people. After all, he is the ancient. He is the land.

Ghost Quarter (by Peter Mohrbacher, MTG: Innistrad)
Lady Wachter's motivations Lady Wachter hated Baron Vargas with a fiery passion. His son (Victor) was responsible for the ghastly fate that befell her daughter (Stella). Now that she is in power, she intends to change things and eliminate every last remnant that might remind people of this dreadful family that, in her eyes, was a blight on this city. Generally speaking Lady Wachter has 3 main goals beside ruling Vallaki.
  1. Eliminating the Vallakovich family. Having had to live in their shadow for years and being unable to exact revenge for what Victor had done to Stella, Lady Wachter will see every last member of this pitiful excuse for a family suffer.
  2. Continue to strengthen her infernal powers. Lady Wachter has the statistics of a Cleric and therefore likely worships devils. Though her cultist "book club" was a farce at best, she now finds herself in an entirely different framework where she is able to explore that avenue further.
  3. Gain the favor of Strahd. The Wachter family has served Strahd in the past and Lady Wachter continues to see him as the rightful ruler of this land. Not someone to oppose, but rather someone whose heroics should not only be respected, but revered.
Person at her side A number of persons in the service of or somehow associated with Lady Wachter are introduced in Curse of Strahd. As Fiona wants to wants to gain the trust of the people and secure her rulership, she chooses a partner that shall lead ad her side. Of course this is an arrangement born of necessity, not love. Moreover Lady Wachter has no intention of "co-ruling" this city and instead only uses this person the way one would use cosmetics to accentuate a seemingly more humane aspect of her.
Below is a table of persons whom she might pick for that dubious honor. Pick whichever works best for your campaign with regards to how the adventure has progressed so far and which NPC might make for the most interesting development.

d4 Name Relationship
1 Milivoj A man of the people and a former affiliate of St. Andral's church. Milivoj (Commoner)is handsome enough and most people respect him. Moreover Lady Wachter has offered him former Burgomaster Vallakovich's house, where his siblings live under the protection of her guards. A fine puppet to flaunt and humanize Fiona. In reality Lady Wachter made it abundantly clear to the former undertaker that any action to harm her will cost his two siblings dearly.
2 Vasili von Holtz Vasili (Strahd von Zarovich) is popular with the people of Vallaki – a celebrity so to speak. Even though Fiona isn't aware of his real persona (Strahd van Zarovich), she uses the affiliation to him to boost her popularity with the people. The fact that he is away a lot of the time and barely attempts to exude and influence over governmental matters, makes him perfect. Vasili (Strahd) simply enjoys Fiona's petty struggles to attain a semblance of power. It affords him a bit of diversion and he will allow it to continue until he grows bored of it.
3 Lydia Petrovna The wife of the former Burgomaster. Though the people might hold resentment over her husband's tyranny, Fiona is also aware that Lydia (Commoner) is in a desperate position. She needs any help she can get and is too terrified of Lady Wachter to attempt anything unwise. This also comes with the added benefit that Lydia is the sister of Father Lucian Petrovich. This way Lady Wachter can exert pressure on the priest and can force him to gradually disband the faith of the Morninglord in order to keep Lydia safe.
4 Izek Strazni The people of Vallaki are probably as terrified of Izek (Izek Strazni) as they are of Lady Wachter. And fear is a tool than can be exploited. Fiona makes it clear that to go up against her means going up against Izek. No one in their right mind would even dare considering this. Unfortunately Izek was always fiercely loyal towards the former Burgomaster, which still hasn't changed. Therefore Lady Wachter uses Charm Person to bend Izek to her will. Unfortunately she can keep up this spell only for as long as she is awake and near him to renew it. When she has no use for this brainless slab of demonic muscle, she uses Essence of Ether (Poison), which she acquires from the Vistani in the camp southwest of Vallaki, to keep Izek unconscious. The risk of him turning against her if anything ever goes wrong is very present, but for now he is a useful and powerful tool.

Lady Wachter (by Richard Whitters)
Changes to Vallaki With Lady Wachter taking power, she has made some adjustments to the city and everyday life in order to establish her rule. The locations listed below have undergone the described changes.
St Andral's Church (N1)
Read this passage as the characters enter the church for the first time after Lady Wachter takes over Vallaki (ideally a few days into her rulership).
Though the church appears unchanged from the outside, the same can not be said of its interior. dust has started to settle on the benches and cobwebs are found hanging from the rafters below the ceiling. There is a sad quietness that fills this place.
With Lady Wachter wanting to establish Strahd as the only entity worth worshiping, she has begun to slowly, stealthily and steadily dismantle the faith in the Morning Lord. If the characters talk to Father Lucius Petrovich (Priest), they can gather the following clues and informations.
  • Changed Mood. Ever since Lady Wachter has risen to power, the people of Vallaki have become nervous and agitated. While the people had learned to deal with the former Burgomaster's madness, this new ruler is someone they barely know. No one wants to provoke her anger or draw her ire, so people remain timid and withdrawn.
  • Change of Faiths. With the statue Lady Wachter has commissioned to be built on the town square (a statue of Strahd), it has become abundantly clear that her faith lies elsewhere. People have taken this as a nod that the worship of the Morninglord will no longer be tolerated. The Burgomistress has left the church alone so far. But if people continue to avoid it, it is only a question of time before she decides the building might be better used for "more adequate" worship.
  • Drained Townsfolk. Some of the people of Vallaki have seemed especially exhausted these last few days / weeks (depending on how long Lady Wachter has ruled). It's as if they had aged years in the span of days. [DM Note: Lady Wachter's summoned devil is to blame. She uses the creature to drain the life out of those she deems a threat or an inconvenience.]

Burgomaster's Mansion (N3)
This part assumes that the party has left the condition of the former Burgomaster's Mansion such, that it was either intact or could be repaired. If it was damaged beyond any hope of restoration, then this place has been left as is. As a reminder for those who think of opposing Lady Wachter.
New Tenants. Depending on who Lady Wachter choice as the person at her side / her right hand, this building could be used in a number of different ways. The table below gives you some hints as to how to populate the villa.

d3 Tenants Details
1 Milivoj's Siblings This option is only used if Lady Wachter has chosen Milivoj as her right hand. Otherwise use one of the other options below. Valeska and Milosh (non-combatants) are the younger siblings of Milivoj whom he wants to protect at all cost. They are constantly being watched by 1d4 guards that are within the mansion and an additional 2 soldiers that stand guard at the outside of the building. The children lack for nothing but the presence of the guards makes them uneasy. The guards stationed here are superficially loyal to Lady Wachter and can be bribed or intimidated to disobey her commands.
2 Nikolai and Karl Nikolai's and Karl's (Nobles) extravagant lifestyle isn't quite what passes for noble demeanor. Therefore Lady Wachter has gifted them the Former Burgomaster's house in order to establish a clearer border between herself (as the Burgomistress) and her sons. As the Vallakovichs are no longer in power, the two playboys have become even bolder and throw decadent parties at the mansion that are becoming ever more depraved. This could include mature themes or other activities where they debase their "guests" or otherwise make their lives miserable for a few hours. Generally speaking they are seen as a blight on this place and people avoid getting on their bad side as they are too terrified of Lady Wachter.
3 Infernal Occupants Lady Wachter has summoned 3 Bearded Devils (Mazonn, Zina and Lizuca) to serve as her spies and enforcers in the city. While one devil stays at the mansion, the two others either patrol the city or otherwise follow the Burgomistress's orders. As Bearded Devils are tyrants by nature, the revel intimidating the townsfolk and make their lives miserable. Though the trio is difficult to control, Lady Wachter intends to keep them on this plane as long as her rulership isn't firmly established at which point she will have no further use for them. Shapechanger. The Bearded Devil can use its action to polymorph into a medium humanoid or back into its true form. The Devil can only take the form one particular humanoid and is not able to take the different guises. Other than its size and speed, its statistics are the same in each form. Any equipment it is wearing or carrying isn't transformed. The Bearded Devil reverts to its true form if it dies.

Nergaliid (by Stephen Oakley)
Wachterhaus (N4)
The House of Lady Wachter (see revised Stats below) remains largely unchanged. At the DMs discretion she has changed one of the rooms to accommodate her right hand person. Other than that the following additional bits of information are relevant to roleplay Lady Wachter accordingly.
Ernst Larnak. As soon as the took her place as the Burgomistress, Fiona cut all ties to this disgusting, greedy, little man. Though he had his uses in the past, his predilection for money makes him unreliable and therefore largely useless. Ernst (Spy) hates Fiona for cutting him off and is keen to get revenge on her. Unfortunately the fact that can be bought easily makes him a tenuous ally at best.
Nikolai Wachter I - Room N4o. Fiona still loves her husband dearly even though he has been dead for years. Through gentle repose his corpse still seems unblemished by time and decay. As Fiona continues to develop her infernal gifts, she hopes to be able to bring him back so that they can rule together the way they were always meant to. Of course the Dark Powers would never allow for anyone within the domains of dread to experience genuine happiness. If Lady Wachter manages to bring back her husband, he will come back changed in some way. He might be a husk of a person, might disagree with his wife's mad ambitions or have developed some supernatural affliction or form of madness.
Stella Wachter - Room N4n. The fact that Lady Wachter has kept Stella (Commoner) alive for all those years is a testament to how much she loves her, bizarre and twisted as her love may be. She hopes that either through her infernal abilities or the grace of Strahd's power her daughter might be healed from her affliction so that she might become "presentable" again.
Even though Stella has been alive all this time, Fiona never saw fit to seek out help for her (at the Abbot in the Abbey of St. Markovia, the blessed pool in Krezk or elsewhere) and kept her bound and hidden within the her chamber in the Wachter mansion. Therefore it stands to reason that Stella might have developed a hatred towards her mother, her mad ambitions and her twisted ways. She might want to topple her once she is freed / healed.
Even though she is a member of this twisted family that doesn't mean that Stella is necessarily evil. She might want to spare others the pain the has had to go through and could work together with Father Petrovich to make Vallaki a better and safer place.
Cult Headquarters - Room N4t. Now that the former Burgomaster is no longer an obstacle, Lady Wachter no longer needs to keep her worship as secret and humble as she used to. Having been able to sacrifice people to her infernal patron, she managed to acquire greater powers that she has used to summon devils to her service.
Her greatest asset at the moment is Mozimud (Nergaliid), a devil that dwells in the shadows and feasts on the life of its victims. Lady Wachter has had a small tunnel built into the area separating the Cult Headquarters (N4t) and the Parlor (N4i) that uses mirrors so that the devil can see into the parlor and establish visual contact to his potential victims. This spyhole can be discovered by the anyone examining the parlor with a successful investigation check (DC 17). Lady Wachter invites people over who are a thorn in her side and allows Mozimud to drain them of their life force. People who become prey to the Nergallid often feel weak and exhausted when leaving the Wachterhaus, as if they hade aged rapidly in the last few hours.
When the character enter this chamber for the first time, read the following text.
Flickering candles in iron holders fill this room with light and shadows. This room has a ten-foot-high ceiling and a large black pentagram inscribed on the stone floor. Within sits an enormous, corpulent creature that resembles as scaly toad with rows of sharp teeth. Multiple tables with bowls of meat are placed within the circle as three withered and decayed looking humanoids are serving the creature. As the creature notices you, it smiles a too broad smile: "Dear me, I wasn't expecting guests. Please excuse the clutter. It is so hard to come by diligent servants these days. How may I be of assistance?"
Sharing the room with Mozimud are 3 Husk Zombies, former victims of the Nergaliid whom he has drained completely and now uses as servants and guards. Mozimud himself assumes that Lady Wachter has sent the visitors unless he has been given reason to think otherwise. Decadent and self-indulgent as he is, he enjoys conversation and detests violence. He is savors the snacks that Lady Wachter provides him with but wishes he could feast on more mortals.
Should it become clear that the characters are not here in the service of Lady Wachter and mean Mozimud harm, he commands his Husk Zombies to attack as he drains every last bit of life force from the characters and creates new servants.

Town Square (N8)
The shops and homes that enclose the town square are decorated with limp, tattered garlands and painted wooden boxes filled with tiny, dead flowers.
In the center of the square, peasants in patchwork clothes eye you nervously as they use cups and vases to draw water from a crumbling stone fountain. Standing tall at the center of the fountain a new statue is being built. A man of regal stature clad in a fine, noble cloak. His long, immaculate hair frames a handsome, but harsh face with sharp angles. The face is angled towards southeast (towards Castle Ravenloft). Before you stands the stone simile of Strahd von Zarovich.
Lady Wachter makes no secret of her allegiance with Strahd. She saw no need for the stocks as she now has other, less blunt methods of controlling peoples' fear. The statue is still being worked on by a burly stonemason by the name of Yessenia (Commoner with proficiency in mason's tools and STR 16). If the characters inquire about this new figure, Yessenia explains that she was commissioned by Lady Wachter to design and build it. She wanted to honor the generous ruler of this land and remind people that he is someone to be revered, not avoided. Though Yessenia enjoys her work, she has very mixed feelings about creating a tribute to the devil Strahd. If she can help the characters in any way to end Lady Wachter's rule of fear, she will.

Rahadin (from D&D: Curse of Strahd)
Special Event: Illustrious Guest
The party notices a ruckus outside as people are moving towards the eastern gate (Morning Gate).
If the party chooses to follow, read the following.
A slender humanoid figure clad in a dark cloak with a hood over their head is passing the gate riding a magnificent black horse, two magnificently crafted dark urns with decorative, golden inlay hanging from a holster of leather belts, one on each side of the horse's torso. As the figure passes the crowd that gathered, an eerie silence fills the air with only the clacking of hooves echoing through town. Continuing to ride along the path towards the center of town, some of the villagers nearest to the visitor begin exhaling a bloodcurdling scream as they fall to their knees and cover up their ears with their hands. The ominous figure on the horse seems nonplussed and continues to trot along on their horse as the crowd begins to move further away.
The visitor is Rahadin who has come here at the behest of Strahd von Zarovich to deliver a gift to Lady Wachter. The vampire lord is amused by her pitiful efforts to gain his favor and attention. Therefore he gifts the 2 urns, each of which contains a Vampiric Mist. Should the Burgomistress ever find herself in a situation where someone tries to undermine her efforts, she can release the two creatures to aid her in combat. Once used, the vampiric mists are either destroyed or float away to roam Barovia in search of new victims.
The characters might encounter them again later, potentially grown in size and more dangerous (at the discretion of the DM).
Conclusion Depending on how the characters play their cards, they might find a powerful ally in Lady Wachter if they the choose to pursue potential surviving members of the Vallakovich family, revive Nikolai (her dead husband) or heal her daughter (Stella). If the Burgomistress notices that the characters refuse to aid / support her, she will keep a very close eye on them, likely using her guards or her familiar, Majesto (Imp). The adventurers are powerful enough to pose a threat to her rulership and she would rather see them dead than lose everything, now that she has finally attained what should have been hers all along.
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2022.01.23 08:41 miko81 "BLTouch failed to raise probe"

I just installed a BLTouch on my Ender 3 V2 with the 4.2.2 mainboard, and the BLTouch is not working at all. I am sure I got the correct pins cause I checked everything on the internet a couple of times, using the dedicated BLTouch port on the board. This is my config for the BLTouch in printer.cfg:

sensor_pin: PB1 control_pin: PB0 x_offset: -42 y_offset: -10 z_offset: 0
In the console when trying "BED_MESH_CALIBRATE" it says "Failed to verify BLTouch probe is raised; retrying." twice. If that matters, the BLTouch is constantly red, not flashing, just a static red light.
Can anyone help me?
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Hi Reddit, Purple Goblin from New world odyssey here. Just wanted to share with you all our new project, a brand new game in a virtual world allowing players to build, own and monetize their gaming experiences using $NWO, the platform's utility token ...
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Hey all. I want to know how to homebrew my Nintendo Switch. I have done this multiple times with a Wii, however I just don’t understand how to homebrew it on Nintendo Switch. If anyone can help, please feel free to comment down below.
(Also please tell me if I need anything, such as a micro SD card converter).
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2022.01.23 08:41 ConfuciusBr0s Why isn't LeBron's longevity used in the GOAT debate more?

He's still averaging 29 on 61% TS at 37 to go with elite defense meanwhile MJ at 38 was only averaging 20 at 47% TS lol.
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For people that like free deals. This week this game for iOS and android is completely free for anybody who likes language learning through games: https://langlandia.app/download/
They have things like pvp, clan wars, and different competitions every week.
After creating account claim the paid version in your messages at the bottom left.

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He says why he rages.
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We need noem , Fred Deutsch , thune and rounds voted out for going against the will of the voters . Rec was voted on and was non political .Repubs turned it political and threw my vote in the trash , stating we are to stupid to know what we voted for . I was a repub and am now an independent voter that will never vote repub again.
We all came together to make rec happen and we all need to do the same voting these ppl out or they will continue to take our rights away .We can not be divided or they will win . I do not know how we can all come together to get this done but I am hoping the ppl that put the rec and med bills together can guide us on who to vote for to get this done . So far no one has stepped up that is running that has said they support rec and will let our med bill function as we voted it in . When that person comes forward (if ever) they have my vote .
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2022.01.23 08:41 GoodThingsAgency Is the MacBook M1 Max viable for ArchViz / high poly modelling?

Sorry if this isn't appropriate to post, but it seems to make more sense asking here than it does in an Apple subreddit, for obvious reasons.
I have the highest possible spec M1 Max on order, and have scoured the internet top to bottom to try and get clarity on whether it would be worth cancelling and looking at something like a Gigabyte Aero 15" with a mobile 3080 and OLED display - seems like the best alternative I can find. Literally looked everywhere, and have already read through all existing posts on Blender's forum and elsewhere re. the development of 3.1. The majority of reviews on YT are biased.
I am aware that Apple have thrown some money into this and have sent engineers across to BF to try and help get it optimised for their new processors. But my smooth brain doesn't understand the fundamentals of the hardware inside these machines well enough to know whether it will be worth it in the long run / how much unrealised potential there is.
Neither have I developed enough of a workflow / have enough experience to really know whether I'd be able to compensate for any lack of rendering capacity in other ways (i.e. render farms, which I have never used).
Any insight here would be appreciated. I got totally screwed by Apple with the last 16" model I bought from them, later realising that the 5500M inside it isn't even compatible with Adobe's software. I honestly felt like I'd been scammed, and when I went into the shop and voiced the issues I was having with the GPU, battery / power management, screen and so on, they told me something about "the small print". I am by no means wedded to Apple, or a fanboy. I just want a solid machine that will work, and keep working. Like my old MacBook 2013 that's still running like a train..
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2022.01.23 08:41 Tense_Mind_10 How important is Linear Algebra for python?

It's one of those streams of math that just hasn't managed to click for me, so I'm kind of scared by how important it seems in python, like frameworks like numpy, pandas, PIL (to some extent) seem to require a deep understanding of the subject. Is Linear Algebra a necessity for advanced python programs?
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Customer told me he knew there was a limit of four on an item but that he had sixteen in his cart. At this point in the day I am just really done so I give him this face: 😑 And he asks me if the machine will let him buy all sixteen. He says, "I will do four separate transactions if it won't let me get sixteen at a time." Yeah, you are not understanding the purpose of the limit at all. So I explain why limits are in place. I tell him that the SCO will let him get all of them but that he is only supposed to get four total. And he says he is going to do four separate transactions anyway. "Okay," I say, "But you shouldn't. I will just leave it at that." Lol, buddy. I am not going to stop you, clearly. I told you the SCO will allow you to exceed this limit so idk why you think you are somehow following the rules by doing separate transactions. Store mgrs don't care about limit enforcement at all and will bitch at me for ruining the customer's day if I try to stop someone from clearing an entire shelf. Because the managers are fucking dumb. Honestly I don't actually care anymore about limits either, like whatever. Buy up every loss leader in the store, you crazy hoarders! Looking forward to issuing rain checks because the sale items will all be OOS :)
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