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Can someone please make the background transparent?

2022.01.23 09:49 NothingSpecialist459 Can someone please make the background transparent?

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2022.01.23 09:49 jookco Morreu - Morte : 🚨 Léo (Costa Debochado), TikToker famoso na comunidade LGBTQIA+, faleceu nesta madrugada de domingo com apenas 18 anos de idade. Desejamos forças à família e aos fãs. O céu ganhou mais uma estrelinha! 🥺❤️ Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.23 09:49 ASHR2020 Café à portuguesa

Vivo no estrangeiro há 7 anos e nunca consegui beber café tão bom como em Portugal. Igualmente, não consigo fazer um café em casa que saiba ao café português.
Quero investir numa máquina de café (que não seja Nespresso, nem Delta Q, que não leve cápsulas), e gostava de saber que máquina me aconselham para fazer um café que saiba ao café português? E que tipo de café? Qual é o segredo para o café portugues saber como sabe???
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2022.01.23 09:49 jiyannareeka 210120 Minnie 'HWAA' Fancam @ Show Champion

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2022.01.23 09:49 nikosaek2121 Armoury Crate latest update windows 11, pc wont turn off (amd cpu)

After updating armoury crate yesterday my pc jus wont turn off, the fans are spinning and the rgb are staying on while Monitor keyboard and mouse turning off. Anyone else has this issue after updating armoury crate My Pc has windows 11 amd cpu 5800x and rx 6900 xt Motherboard asus tuf b550 plus latest chipset latest windows updates.
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2022.01.23 09:49 Wingstars Carhartt Nimbus jacket softened after washing

Hi all, I washed my Nimbus (summer) jacket in the washing machine on 30 degrees C as suggested by the label but the jacket seems to have softened and doesn’t feel as stiff. Is this normal?
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2022.01.23 09:49 talerose Best place for Bird Photography?

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2022.01.23 09:49 Far_Condition_622 War weight

Recent th11 - if I do not place my warden, artillery, new defences in my war base does it still count towards?
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2022.01.23 09:49 JackBauerWSB Woke up and checked my phone...Monday it begins

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2022.01.23 09:49 Anarchonov My take on a nordic-style Netherlands

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2022.01.23 09:49 Hentoota-Kitty2 met a Chinese girl on tinder recently. After I reached her city (London) from my place (Edinburgh) after agreeing to a date she cancelled stating that she fell I’ll overnight. Continue or move on?

We had a lot in common - we were both pianists (passed grade 8), enjoyed painting and table tennis.
Been CHatting to her for the past week and she seemed really enthusiastic (reply instantly,she checks WhatsApp every 3 hours)
So we agreed on a date (dinner and movie in Oxford Street)
I checked if she was up for it the night before, she said yes, but cancelled in the morning due to illness. She said she wants to chat tomorrow.
I told her to get well soon and asked if she wants to reschedule
Is there a chance she had second thoughts on the DAY of the planned date?
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2022.01.23 09:49 jdflament This twitter account post every website accepting Algorand as crypto payment

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2022.01.23 09:49 Bastbra Inspector Columbo solving a crime, 2087

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2022.01.23 09:49 Bobadydob Ah yes, stomach shuriken

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2022.01.23 09:49 Dr0pe17 What is the easiest way to get Hitman 1 maps if I already have Hitman 2 (Without expansion) and Hitman 3 standard.

I can't get along with all these upgrade packs and editions.. I already have Hitman 2 standard and Hitman 3 standard, would like to get Hitman 1 maps as well as Hitman 2 expansion.
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2022.01.23 09:49 queenV11 How do I respectfully tell someone that I don't like the way they talk to me? like I don't like the content you talk about but I do respect you. How do I tell that?

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2022.01.23 09:49 thrwwy9621 I was on tinder in a committed relationship. What can I do to fix this?

I never cheated physically nor intended to. I’ve always had this problematic relationship with tinder where I would download it, use it briefly for validation or getting off, then delete it out of shame. About a year ago I met an amazing woman (who I clearly do not deserve). Long story short this behavior never really stopped and my idiocy caught up to me when one of her friends saw my profile. She was devastated. Told me that I obviously need constant validation from women, and that what I was doing was cheating (and I don’t necessarily disagree). Many of you will say that I didn’t really love her if I was on tinder but the thing is, I was beginning to think that I might want to spend the rest of my life with her. I really really do love her. I took something beautiful and pure and spoiled it… Now I’m wondering if there’s any hope. I think I should go get counseling to address these validation and self control issues. I’m also wondering if it’s even right to try to be with her, since she clearly deserves so much better. Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know how I can live with myself after this.
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2022.01.23 09:49 ilikechiaseeds Tight loaf

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2022.01.23 09:49 menormedia One surrendered Hong Kong hamster tests COVID positive as city lockdown grows

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2022.01.23 09:49 mohr365 A little pink for you today.

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2022.01.23 09:49 alexdiss_ any advice on beating the imprisoned (third time around)? i absolutely hate fighting this guy and the fact that you have to do it multiple times has just ended up making me hate the game, the controls are garbage, the puzzles are unclear and inconsistent, the bosses are way too difficult

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2022.01.23 09:49 Substantial_Heat5817 How can I scan my computer for spyware/programs other than the usual anti-virus?

Hello! :) I'm using a second hand computer and the previous owner is very good with tech; I'm wondering if there isn't a background program running that record keystrokes, data, etc..
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2022.01.23 09:49 Unier Why is Gotland strategically important for Russia if Russia goes to war now?

Hi guys and gals, I’m living on Gotland Isle and have lately seen tons on Swedish military activity here and often hear about how Russia would want to take Gotland if a war breaks out. My question is, why is Gotland so strategically important for Russia and how likely is for Russia to actually take over it , if for example a war breaks out in Ukraine or against NATO ?
(I do not often come to this sub so I hope I asked this question in the right sub.)
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2022.01.23 09:49 Cravity_pancakes I don't know what I want for my future

Hey, 14 years old male here. And my problem is exactly what I said, I don't know what I want for my future.
I know I have about 4 years— counting this year— before I would become 18 and finally go for college. It might seem like alot, but my parents kind of want me to think of it already. Not that they're pushing me but they want to just be able to prepare for it financially and also guide me on the right way.
Problem is, I just really don't know what I want. If you ask me where I see myself in the future or something, I'd probably answer college. But no definite course.
Sometimes I wanna be a doctor, sometimes a chef, most often a fashion designer and most of the time a screenwriter. There's just so many options that both TV and real life make seem so fun that I just don't know what I wanna choose.
I know my strenghts. I like writing, I can create stories in a whiff, I can also cook decently, but I most definitely can write. No matter what genre, tried and tested at fanfiction writing with most positive feedback.
I also know my weaknesses and dislikes. Maths. Sciences. History. As long as it's something fixed that I gotta memorize then you don't see me taking that road. I wanna create things, not follow things.
So, any advice on my situation? Should I just focus on what I have at the present and review more of my options? Or should I think of the future already? Perhaps you advice neither?
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2022.01.23 09:49 warmlypretty petsmart employees, what are your pet peeves about working there?

i have a few pet peeves. some examples are when customers come to me (on register) and complain about the prices. like sorry sir i just work here, i don’t control that. another one is pet parents that expect you to know everything about everything in the store. customers come up to me and ask me questions such as “is the green bird i bought YESTERDAY is a male or female?” ummmm. i wasn’t even working yesterday i don’t know?? the worst part is that some people get mad at me for not knowing the answer. Pet parents, please do better. Don’t blame the associates for things they can’t control. We are trying here.
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